Who we are

Lanivendole literally means “women who sell yarn” in Florence dialect; we received this as a nickname from a friend years ago, when we talked about our woolly dreams.

We actually developed this dream, we started making yarn by hand, and we’re proud to think of us as yarnmakers, though it can be tiring and time consuming.

If we had to think of what inspires us to create a particular yarn, maybe it’s everything around us… from a songto a book, a picture, a journey abroad, it’s all our life speaking; after quite a few years of spinning, we must say that though there’s no tradition inherited, a huge inspiration comes from our hometown, Genova, and the territory around, that have always been crossroads of cultures and people, lands of fishermen and explorers, we really can feel that…

Colours and textures speak of our Mediterranean sea, of our somehow harsh nature, of stones and curvy alleyways, of sudden turns and hidden treasures behind a corner.

That’s us, we started as two friends, now we’re three and who knows where the path will lead us.

The Team

Stefania, eager spinner and knitter, in constant search of new combinations, unspeakably keeps documents and communication on track.

Federica, restless voice for new projects, our favourite public relation operator, makes the best dyes and still we don’t know how.

Giulia, tireless worker, she’s our meticulous spinner and photography stylist, when she’s not busy breeding her own 40 cashmere goats (Azienda Agricola Le Moire) or distilling lavender.