Our Yarns

Since 2008 we’ve been handspinning for the love of it, working on fancy, one of a kind yarns in small collections for designers or project related, and suited for the workshops we’ve been teaching.

In the last year we took a deep breath and decided to get to a further level, and add a line of yarns created in small batches, that could actually be reproduced though maintaining that uniqueness and peculiarity of handmade products.

So, in our website you’ll still find unique yarns, that we’ll keep on spinning – because we simply couldn’t avoid to do it! – that won’t be reproduced and we’ll be available only when ready to ship. They’re fancy and art yarns, always spun and processed by hand from natural fibres, perfect to add a special, precious touch to your crafting artsy works. Therefore they can’t be cathegorized, we’ll describe them in each individual page.

Together with these ones, we’re preparing the new blends, thought literally by knitters for knitters. It all started from our love for knitting, so after years we cleared our minds and tried to design yarns we’d love to knit, for other knitters; we wanted to celebrate Italian artistry in these yarns, and to evoke our fabulous land and character – hence the name we chose are in Genoese dialect.

Our new range was born when we found out that a family of alpaca breeders started to run a mill in Piemonte with small scale machines that they had recovered from textile firms that had ceased their activities. We started working together to produce blended yarns from the fibres we gather by local breeders.