Welcome at Lanivendole

This virtual space is dedicated to all those who love yarns, in every form or colour they might take, for every use you may wonder, to be used with any tool you prefer… may it be a crochet hook, knitting needles, needles for felting, hand, hearth and soul.

To enter at Lanivendole means to get into a room full of sunlight, to sit confortably on a soft couch, and look at tons of yarns everywhere around: hanging on walls, inside big baskets, impiled onto shelves and libraries… and wait patiently sipping a cup of tea until one of them catches you attention, calling you as if you could never avoid to wear it.

Here we make handspun yarns, which means that raw fibres are washes, dyed, carded and then spun o braided by ourselves; just like a white canvas that a painter starts to draw, and afterwards to fill with colours and details.

That is why our yarns do have a soul, that shows up when they’re handled and worn, and that is why they actually call who, observing with attention, is ready to receive one, like all unexpected gift that shall be taken.

From our hearts, straight to yours,

Enjoy your Visit