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A Chic Blend

20% Mohair - 60% Abruzzese wool

Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 225m

A Stormy blend - Fingering

70% Brogna wool

Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 225m

Heavenly blend BUNDLE

50% Abruzzese wool - 25% Italian cashmere

Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 225m


We totally fell in love with this shawl once we saw it, and started thinking of endless combinations of all our fingering bases.

You may search for the designer Florence Spurling  profile to see many color ideas.


For our samples we chose:

A Heavenly Blend AVENA  and A Chic Blend   EURIDICE - NASTURZI - ONDINA  - NAUTILUS


As recommended in the pattern, we suggest to choose two color groups (i.e. blue/green/pink etc) and then a darker + a lighter shade inside each group.


Of course you may substitute the neutral C2 with A Stormy Blend fingering, as yardage is the same.


**Please note that the pattern is not included with the yarn purchase**


Yarn Requirement

C1 - Euridice - 1 skein (205m/244yds)

C2 - Avena - 2 skeins (266m/291yds)

C3 - Ondina  - 1 skein ( 189m/207yds)

C4 - Nautilus - 1 skein (101m/110yds)

C5 - Nasturzi  - 1 skein (157m/172yds)


Needle size


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