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70% Aquilana wool
30% Le Moire cashmere

Light Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 300m

Gauge: 10cm in 28-30 sts and 3,5mm needles


NEBULA:  latin for cloud

A yarn as light and warm as a cloud, composed of two special fibres: Wool and Cashmere.

When we created this new base we wanted it to be “simple” in its composition to be able to feel and appreciate the fibres’ characteristics.

After 2 years of harvest and various testing we are finally launching our new cashmere yarn at the end of the month.

This time we decided to do it by blending @agricolalemoire Cashmere with Aquilana wool, a very fine merino crossbreed native of Abruzzo that has been selected and recovered from our dear friend Valeria Gallese.


Cashmere is homegrown in Merana at @agricolalemoire farm, produced from a small herd of 50 cashmere goats.

Matteo and I (Giulia) handcomb all the goats to harvest the precious fibre that creates this yarn.


The combination of these two fibers is amazing, Aquilana gives elasticity, bounce and strength to the thread without reducing the softness, whereas cashmere makes it super soft, light and warm.


Unlike our other yarns that are semi worsted spun, Nebula is a woollen spun yarn.

The woollen spun process is usually preferred when working with shorter and loftier fibres like cashmere and we thought it was the best way to express the characteristics of both fibre of this blend.

The result is a light, fluffy and warm yarn..just like a cloud


The hand dyed palette reflects the shades of the lands where the fibres were grown and  harvested, all the names were takenafter on of the cashmere goats that helped to make this yarn with their precious hair.

Patterns with NEBULA